The BlaQsheEP Mixed By BlaQsheep Vibe


Afro House

I don’t mind working in the studio even though I’m just a BlaQsheep in the industry,
I became what I am within 10 000 hours inside the studio… Now I’m ready to make some noise around here.

I present To you my Afro House EP.


Lets Dance!!! Also Available on Digital Stores

BlaQsheep Dj- Gariki
I’m the black Sheep – BlaQsheep Dj
Homegrown- BlaQsheep Dj
BlaQsheep Dj – Transparency
Horror-BlaQheep Dj
BlaQsheep- VuVu (ft. Randy De DeeP)

I am the BlaQsheep Dj

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