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–Muleya Owen also known By His stage name “Owen Rapson” Born 1998 April 03
An Intelligent Poet Inspired By The culture of hip-hop, “My Strongest Suit Has Always Been My Will” With an Honest Musical Integrity and Pure Determination To Give people What They Need to Hear , His First Project R.A.D Came To Prove This, of course There Were Disruptions and Challenges Which He Went Through Just To Give His music a Material Formation , in 2011 Owen Rapson Entered The Industry in a Halloween Custom, as ‘Songwriter and poet only in 2016 He Then became The Voice of His own Exquisite Words, To Produce His Own Vocals, Where He Then Started Working on his Debut Album Which Was Later on dissolved Due To Legal Issues and disputes with The Recording company in 2017, Nonetheless Rapson Dropped An amazing Project ( mixtape) independently in 2018 Tittle Rhythm and Disorder Which acquired an Extreme Eloquence and Expression, To keep The momemtum Going He Then Realesed again in 2018 another Project, N.E.R.D(Not Everything Runs Digitally) Early 2019 He then introduced an EP “21st Century” which then Dropped 22nd of march. The clear narration of All this is that Owen Rapson Loves Music, that he is entlied to make an Esoteric Impact on the industry, That will represent the whole venda Tribe for a sustained period of time.

in His own Words “My music is a Vessel of Self-confidence, Mental Freedom and Introverted intuition, I Do not Strive to make people believe in me, my Interim objective is just inspiring people to believe in themselves, I’m just a shot of espresso in The morning To keep you going” The poet is responsible for Quotes Like “I had a room for Disappointment Untill I Renovated the house and changed it to a room for improvement” , “Realized that When They Told me To close my Mouth while I’m eating They were talking about life” and “If We Were To Measure Consistency, cheese Wouldn’t make the first scale” Owen Rapson’s music Holds alot of Expressions, controversy, knowledge and Wisdom. With So many Words at a simple mind State Rapson always Gives the audience The whole naked Truth, Owen is Currently Working on Developing His own Company “Apocalypse Entertainment ” and assisting Other Artist Who Need lyrical assistance. With the goal of Compiling Strength Of Venda musicians with a special impact on the industry.. “I Believe we are now the Future, Venda stand-up!!”


R.A.D – Rhythm and Disorder paints an Elegant Concept Of Channelling Balance and Locating The Right Vibrations, Finding your Own Rhythm to be Frank, Disorder is escorted by this search of Tranquility, internally and externally, it’s a simple fact that everybody Would prefer following their own Orders, When Everyone Dances to their own Rhythm there shall be a Destructive creation of Truth and consciousness, With songs like 454 Dead Nation and Introvert, Rapson Was setting out The theme for These elegant concepts, This controversy was then continued on N.E.R.D

N.E.R.D – Not Everything Runs Digitally is a comprehension emmollient manifest of The Digital Age we Live In, 21st century, From The concept, a predicament is made that as we evolve as The human race we continue To Shun and Annaliate everything that makes us human, we dissemble The rhythm against the Orders of Legal systems, government and religious mischieves, Demure reparations To conflate With The Evolution ” What turned the world against the maker, N.E.R.D is a Story Based on Owen’s Exprience with the evolution of men, Inclination with the century and some other challenges we acquired during the process.

RAD, N.E.R.D and 21st Century are slightly a narration of My own Exprience with These circumstances, More intell and Interpretation is given on our official site…

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