Deej Rox on Muzika Washu DeeP Selection 004

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Deej Rox on Muzika Washu DeeP Selection

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Muzika washu Presents Deej Rox on Muzika washu DeeP Selection

Deej Rox

Deej Rox is a guy whos 21 years old. He grew From SHAYANDIMA zone 10. Attended his secondary Education @ Dimani agricultural High school. Knowledged in instrumental production of music wich is Deep house and gospel…

He started his music journey while he ws 15 years old at church band… PLAYING DIFFERENT INSTRUMENTS, uodates for his life his Radio temporary Dj at phalaphala fm he is also in V. S. H which is venda social hub wich u can check details on Facebook page nd twitter page…

Hes on process of open a record label which is called Roxville music whjch de release date of record label has not yet being mentioned….. Real full names of Deej Rox is Netshikulwe ROTONDWA wich de name of Rox came from his young ages…

He dd his primary education @ Lurenzhenj primary school……..while his current life is in his tertiary academics, fashion, mix production under VSH records, Car painter under World SA skills artisan…..

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