Motivation- Pave Your Way To Success


Its about time, Never Give Up!!!

I want to share few points with you about Paving Your Way to success without any hindrance.

One may ask question like ‘ what is Success ‘ so i would like to define and explain success according to my understanding.

Success is to accomplish aim, Purpose or goal set for a certain period of time. This can also mean to complete an objective or reaching goal set. This simple mean that there is no success without aim of accomplishing something planned therefore to measure your level of success you need to have plan of completing the Task you have.


We Are living in world whereby everyone need to be successful but they dont wanna go through the way of success and its challenges. People can establish something today and expect to be successful within few days and when they see that its not working they quickly quit. Success can be a process and you can personalize it according to your plan.

People who are determined to become successful have their way of dealing with the obstacles along the way of success.

I would like you to look at yourself and try to figure out how many times have you given up your dreams, business idea and something that you needed to establish just because you try twice and it never work, check the level of negativity that came to your life during the process and check the amount of encouragement that you try to develop within you during the process of implementing.

The reason you quit whatever you were doing is that you did not encourage yourself and you didn’t have enough courage of believing in yourself that you can do it.

Let me share with you 3 points that will help you to succeed.

  1. Have One idea at a Time.

You must have one idea with millions of plan to establish you aim to success rather than having one million ideas with one plan. People are failing to establish their ideas because they try to modify their plans and idea so that it can be like those of others.

Here i am to tell you that is not about imitating the idea of successful person but its about:

◇Giving yourself time to think properly about your dreams,

◇Its about being positive towards your ideas,dreams and plans

◇Its about investing your time, mind and money towards you plan and

◇Its about developing your ideas so that it can become realistic and encourage yourself.

2. You Have to focus

Being focus simply mean to be interest in activity or something. You have to be interested in your aim or idea to accomplish so that you can Succeed even though the obstacles are coming your way.

There are some of you who lose focus along the way of their success and concentrate on other people’s success and that’s their downfall. You just have to pay attention on things that can develop your plans and idea that you have,

do not change your idea because it seems like its not working out but change your attitude and planning of your things. Remember i said you can have 1 idea and have million plans to develop the ideas until you Succeed.

3. Fear Of Failure

Fear is just a hindrance of your success. if you allow fear to take control of you ideas and plans then you gonna fail.

There are people who have fear of attempting to do or bring new ideas that can be solution to communities but they are afraid to bring them up.

You must know that failure can happen at anytime but dont allow it to be the stumbling block of your success.

As i conclude, to accomplish the idea and plans you have it needs someone with that heart of enduring hardship as we come across obstacles to deal with along the way of our success

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